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The diamond company Tesch GmbH has its origins in 1902 in Berlin. In 1945/46 they made the move to southern Germany. The company is family run and certified since 2000 according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

The diamond company Tesch GmbH manufactures since:

  • 2008 CBN grinding wheels with up to 1800 mm diameter
  • 2005 Diamond and CBN grinding wheels with micro-structure
  • 1996 high precision body for galvanic CBN high-speed grinding wheels
  • 1988 Diamond and CBN grinding wheels in vitrified bond
  • 1985 high-speed grinding wheels with Vmax 150 m / s
  • 1980 Cutting Diamond and CBN tools for turning – drilling – milling
  • 1970 CBN grinding wheels
  • 1957 Diamond grinding wheels in electroplated bond
  • 1951 Diamond grinding wheels in plastic and metal binding

Tesch Technologies

Diamond Grinding Wheels | CBN Grinding Wheels | Diamond Cutting Tools | CBN Tools for Turning, Drilling, Milling

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