Manufacturing and Engineering Firms We Represent

We Source Manufacturing Solutions From the Worlds Top Technology Companies

Manufacturing and Engineering Companies We Represent

We act as sales representatives for a number of international manufacturing and technology suppliers. You can visit their individual pages by using the links below.

3M Grinding Wheels

3M is a global innovation company that never stops inventing. Over the years, their innovations have improved daily life for hundreds of millions of people all over the world.

3M Grinding Wheels Technologies

Gear Grinding Wheels | Cubitron II Grinding Wheels | Creep Feed Grinding Wheels| Gear Grinding and Dressing systems


Arnold Ravensburg

Arnold Ravensburg is a world leader in laser welding technologies and systems. They have several hundred references throughout the world for welding and cutting systems.

Arnold Ravensburg Technologies

Laser Welding Systems | Laser Cutting Systems



BAHMÜLLER delivers products and services to customers in the automotive, the corrugated converting, and the precision tools industry as the system supplier for production processes for their customers globally.



BMS – Broaching Machine Specialties

Incorporated in 1946 as Machinery and Equipment Exchange, Broaching Machine Specialties (BMS) is a full service broach and machine company that has been specializing in broaching machines since 1960.

BMS – Broaching Machine Specialties

Broaching Equipment | Broaching Design



BURKHARDT+WEBER was one of the pioneers in digital control technology, had the first true rack magazine and is to this day a world leader in tool magazine technology.




Drewco specializes in rapidly designing and producing high quality workholding devices. While they welcome single piece orders, they routinely design and produce multiple fixtures with interchangeable components.

Drewco Technologies

Workholding devices | Collets | Chucks | Arbors | Center | Mandrels | Machining Fixtures |Gear Fixtures | Face Drivers | Gages | Workholding Solutions



ELB-Scliff Werkeugmaschinen GmbH has been producing surface and profile grinding machines for over 60 years in Germany. The company was founded by Edmund Lang in the city of Babenhausen.

ELB Technologies

Creep Feed Grinders | Surface Grinders | Rotary Surface Grinders | Broach Grinders | Vertical Internal Grinders



German Machine Tools of America, founded in 1991 as the U.S. subsidiary of Profilator GmbH in Wuppertal Germany.

German Machine Tools of America

Gear Cutting | Gear Honing | Laser Welding | Parts Washing | Double Disk Grinding | Deburring Machines | Multi-Spindle Lathes | Multi-Station | Vertical Turning Machinery | Vertical Lathes | Center Drive Lathes

| Polygon Machining


Hardinge Group

The Hardinge Grinding Group provides a full and diverse portfolio of solutions for any and all of your grinding needs.



The JUNKER Group is a world leading manufacturer of CBN high-speed grinding machines and offers a host of innovative grinding concepts from its machine portfolio. The ideal partner for diverse grinding applications, they supply entire groups, as well as medium-sized and small companies.

Junker Technologies

Grinding Machines | Grinding Applications | High-speed Grinding | OD Grinding Machines | Double Disk Grinding Machines | Camshaft Grinding Machines | Crankshaft Grinding Machines | Peel Grinding Machines | Centerless Grinding Machines | Flute Grinding Machines | Insert Grinding Machines | Tap Grinding Machines | Cylindrical Grinding Machines


Liebherr Gear Technology

Liebherr Gear Technology division in cooperation with leading machine manufacturers implements production line linking, automation of machining centers and the system integration of machine tools.

Liebherr Gear Technology

Gear Hobbing | Gear Shaping | Gear Grinding Machine Tools | Gantry Automation | Pallet Handling Systems | Robot Automation | Random Bin Picking Systems | Skiving | Gear Inspection Machines



Nanolap Technologies, LLC provides solutions for demanding surface finishing applications and works with their customers to tailor solutions to their specific needs responsively and cost-effectively.




NSH USA has been at the forefront of machine tool manufacturing innovation for over 100 years. From reinvigorating the war effort in the 1940s with machine tool rebuilding and reengineering to our decades of focus on supporting international freight and transit railways, all of it has taken place in their manufacturing facility on Broadway in Albany.




The PRÄWEMA DRIVE GMBH is a medium-sized machine tool manufacturer. Their core competence lies in cutting technology for gearing in which they were able to reach through customized solutions as well as an exceptionally high degree of precision, quality and reliability of a leading market position.

Prawema Technologies

Gear Honing | Gear Deburring | Gear Cutting Technology | Castle Teeth Machining



Profilator combines different manufacturing processes through modular design. Profilator is known for their high precision, flexible manufacturing processes, short cycle times, and reduced investment and running costs.

Profilator Technologies

Shifter Stop Machining | Roll Deburring | Cycloidal Cutting | Gear Cutting | Fly Cutting | Gear Tooth Pointing



The RASOMA Company attaches great importance to technological development as well as to process optimisation and maximum process reliability as applied to all our turnkey production systems built to individual customer specifications.




SAMAG Group is strong in every detail. Sophisticated, durable machines, innovative methods and detailed solutions with a great deal of engineering ingenuity make SAMAG the first choice of leading automobile manufacturers. SAMAG is one of the pioneers of multi-spindle processing systems. Discover our divisions Machine Tools and Automotive & Industrial Parts.



Simon-Ellis Superabrasives

Simon-Ellis is a fabricator and re-builder of CBN and PCD cutting tools. They sell a wide variety of standard turning inserts, as well as specialty tools for especially troublesome applications.

Simon-Ellis Technologies

Superabrasives | CBN and PCD Cutting Tools | Turning Inserts


Superabrasives Inc.

SuperAbrasives, Inc. specializes in the design, manufacture and application of diamond and CBN grinding and finishing products and services for a wide range of industries. Their goal is to educate their customers on who they are, the services they offer and the products they manufacture.

Superabrasives Incorporated Technologies

CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Vitrified Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Metal Bond Wheels | CBN and Diamond Resin Polyimide Bond Wheels | Maximizer Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Electroplated Products



The diamond company Tesch GmbH has its origins in 1902 in Berlin. In 1945/46 they made the move to southern Germany. The company is family-run and certified since 2000 according to DIN EN ISO 9001.

Tesch Technologies

Diamond Grinding Wheels | CBN Grinding Wheels | Diamond Cutting Tools | CBN Tools for Turning, Drilling, Milling



Usach Technologies, Inc. is an American machine tool company dedicated to the manufacturing of high precision ID and OD grinding systems.Their focus is to address the demands of companies looking for a partner with whom to work in finding solutions to today’s ever more challenging high precision grinding applications and automation projects.

Usach Technologies

Grinding Applications | High Precision ID and OD Grinding Systems | Prototype Grinding | Internal Grinding Machines | External Grinding Machines

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