Manufacturing Equipment & Technologies We Provide

We represent a wide range of international manufacturing supply companies that offer a host of related technologies. We’ve outlined many of the companies and technologies we represent below. If you’re looking for a technology similar to those below, but don’t see it on the list, please contact us.

3M Technologies

Gear Grinding Wheels | Cubitron II Grinding Wheels | Creep Feed Grinding Wheels | Gear Grinding and Dressing Systems

Arnold Ravensburg Technologies

Laser Welding Systems | Laser Cutting Systems

Drewco Technologies

Work Holding Devices | Collets | Chucks | Arbors | Center Mandrels | Machining Fixtures | Gear Fixtures | Face Drivers | Gages | Work olding Solutions

ELB Technologies

Creep Feed Grinders | Surface Grinders | Rotary Surface Grinders | Broach Grinders | Vertical Internal Grinders

GMTA Technologies

Gear Cutting | Gear Honing | Laser Welding | Parts Washing | Double Disk Grinding | Deburring Machines | Multi-Spindle Lathes | Multi-Station Vertical Turning Machinery | Vertical Lathes | Power Skiving | Scudding | Center Drive Lathes | Polygon Machining

Heller Machine Tools Technologies

4 and 5 Axis Machine Centers| Flexible Manufacturing Systems | Crankshaft Milling Machines | Camshaft Milling Machines | 5 Axis Milling and Turning Machines

Junker Technologies

Grinding Machines | Grinding Applications | High-Speed Grinding | OD Grinding Machines | Double Disk Grinding Machines | Camshaft Grinding Machines | Crankshaft Grinding Machines | Peel Grinding Machines | Centerless Grinding Machines | Flute Grinding Machines | Insert Grinding Machines | Tap Grinding Machines | Cylindrical Grinding Machines

Liebherr Technologies

Gear Hobbing | Gear Shaping | Gear Grinding Machine Tools | Gantry Automation | Pallet Handling Systems | Robot Automation | Random Bin Picking Systems | Gear Inspection Machines

PITTLER Technologies

Advanced Lathe Systems | Vertical Lathes | Rotary Machining Centers | Grinding Machines | Center Drive Lathes | Power Skiving, Drilling and Tapping

Prawema Technologies

Gear Honing | Gear De-burring | Gear Cutting Technology | Castle Teeth Machining

Profilator Technologies

Scudding QMS | Shifter Stop Machining | Roll De-burring | Cycloidal Cutting | Gear Cutting | Fly Cutting | Gear Tooth Pointing

SHW Machine Technologies

Universal Milling and Turning Machines | Horizontal Boring Mills | Gantry Milling Machines | 5 Axis Machines| 5 Axis Milling Heads

Simon-Ellis Technologies

Superabrasives | CBN and PCD Cutting Tools | Turning Inserts

Starrag- Heckert Technologies

Single and Multi Spindle 4 and 5 Axis Machining Centers | Horizontal Machining Centers | Flexible Manufacturing Cells and Systems

SuperAbrasives Incorporated Technologies

CBN and Diamond Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Vitrified Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Metal Bond Wheels | CBN and Diamond Resin Polyimide Bond Wheels | Maximizer Grinding Wheels | CBN and Diamond Electroplated Products

Tesch Technologies

Diamond Grinding Wheels | CBN Grinding Wheels | Diamond Cutting Tools | CBN Tools for Turning, Drilling, Milling

TNI / Tool North Technologies

Special Machine Systems | Integrated Manufacturing Solutions | Integrated Robotics | Rotary Transfer Machines | Rotary Dial Machines | CNC Fixtures and Integration | Laser Welding Machines | Authorized Fanuc Systems Integrator

Usach Technologies

Grinding Applications | High Precision ID and OD Grinding Systems | Prototype Grinding | Internal Grinding Machines | External Grinding Machines