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Drewco specializes in rapidly designing and producing high quality work holding devices.  Typical projects may include design and creation of collets, chucks, hydraulic arbors, mandrels, tombstone fixtures, or machining center fixtures – all products designed to hold objects for machine tool processes.

While they welcome single piece orders, they routinely design and produce multiple fixtures with interchangeable components. So if your needs include fixtures that will hold 1/8″ drill bits or six ton turbine wheels, Drewco can deliver.

  • Is your project complex?
  • Is your engineering staff stretched to the limits?

They can help you here too! While they can work from designs supplied from their customers, their team of experienced engineers will work with your team to design and implement a complete work holding solution – leaving your staff free to handle other pressing priorities.

Drewco is a family run company, where the owners work in the business – daily reinventing the company’s processes to better fill your needs and requirements.

They know your needs are real, your time frame is vital, and that quality is a must.

They take pride in having hundreds of satisfied customers, who come back to them time after time to fill their collet and other work holding device needs.

Drewco Technologies

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